I hope you know that I love you, and despite the doubts I put in you. These thoughts are not doubts in which you should feel about yourself and our relationship. They are doubts I have in myself. I am an insufferable mess when it comes to my emotions. As well as my confidence, at times. I have been wanting to talk to you and apologize for what I said. I know you do not want to talk about it much anymore. However, It still bothers me, and I am upset at myself. I feel better when I put my emotions out there, as a mess as they may be. I do want you to have to be caught in the turmoil of my own mind, but being with me is going to include that at times. I want you to know that it is not your fault.

I doubt myself at times, and I put that off on you.
I apologize and I am going to do my best to make it right.

I know too that apologies are only mere words, and they may not change anything. For me at this point, words are all I have. My actions will come to learn to not doubt myself. For when I truly take a step back and look at you and what we have. I realize how lucky I am to have you. You always encourage me. You are always there for me, and you always listen. I have no reason to doubt you, which means I should have no reason to doubt myself. You are so great, and I love you.

As I said I am going to my best to make it better for you.
I wanted you to know that, and it has been hard to say it all.

I love you.


I usually don’t just go blabbing about this because it is no ones business but I just gotta say it. Dale and I have the best sex ever. Most satisfying sex I’ve ever and will ever have. Hah, tmi.

My girlfriend is the best girlfriend.

To all my haters.


Everything changes, and I know that it always will. This time it is different and it is because of you. I never held such a perspective about my life and about who I am supposed to be. I believe to the best of my knowledge that I have figured it out. You are here. I love that you are here. Nothing will ever change that, and that I know without any doubts. I have shared many doubts in my life, and many of them have strayed me wrong. I wish I would have ran with the hint everyone. With you it is different. There is no doubt in my mind that this where I am supposed to be. All the choices, right and wrong, have lead me here to you. I do not care how soon it is, but I am never leaving. I know what I feel and what I feel is this.

I love you, Taylor Nicole Thimesch. I know I will not regret what I feel or say in a few days, a few months, a few years, a few decades or even until the day I die.

My certainity of this has never been so clear. You have always been there for past three years of my life. Waiting for me and I waiting for you. Such a skinny love it is too good to be true, but it is. We both know it and that is all that matters.

I am so glad I found you.
I love you because I know what it means to love now.

I am in love. She is beautiful. In more ways than she realizes. View high resolution

I am in love. She is beautiful. In more ways than she realizes.

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I remember all those nights sitting with you, listening to every story you had to tell me. Every laugh and giggle you expressed. Every smile and look you threw my way. As you did not even know that I was falling in love with you from the start.


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